It feels like it was only a few years ago that I shot my first wedding. Today that couple has a daughter who is 12 years old!!! That’s how long I have been creating memories for you!

The photography I do at weddings, starts and stops at candid pictures. It is the only way of capturing emotions in its most natural form. So there will be no staged images and no fake smiles. Have no fear, I will get all the important occasions and all the members of your family you point me at!

I will cover all the events you need me to and take thousands of pictures. But what I normally do is sift through all the pictures and give you around 500+ of my best images edited on a pen drive. I’m an old school guy and I use Photoshop to edit your images. Each image is individually edited to perfection so no two images will look the same!

If you need them printed and in an album / coffee table book / canvas / archival print, I can get it done or put you on to my vendors directly!

Sounds like a deal? 😉