Akila + Kartheek

Majestic palaces of Rajasthan, a gorgeous bride, a baraat on a boat and a big fat Indian wedding, spread across 4 venues.  

Akila, the bride of royalty.

Udaivilas Palace at Udaipur is one of my favourite destinations in India to shoot a wedding. An elegant bride for me to shoot was just the icing on the cake!

Tammy + Vidit

I like weddings and wildlife so I couldn’t have asked for  better destination than Jim Corbett National Park. The couple were adorable and this interracial wedding ended with safaris in the luscious jungles!!!

Sarita + Nitish

There was this peppy Mangalorean Catholic girl with oh-so-cute dimples and a dapper young Kodava man with a mischievous smile. They were smitten with each other even as they walked down the aisle.… Continue reading

Keerthi + Pramod

The grandeur of Bangalore Palace always gives my pictures majesticity. That coupled with a petite and pretty bride and a serious and solemn groom makes this Telugu style wedding seem right out of… Continue reading

Sunaina + Sugi

It was such a pleasure capturing the regality of the Gowda community’s attire and the intricacies of their rituals at this wedding that was set at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Retika + Sanket

Listen to your parents when they say you should get married young!😉 If you do, then these are the sort of pictures you will get. These two live wires and their personalities are… Continue reading

Priti + Ankeet

These Marwadi, I tell you! They really know how to throw one big party! I had way too much fun shooting this wedding over 5 days and across 4 locations.

Minka + Gaurav

It is such a joy to capture the pomp and show of a Punjabi wedding! Their dances, the reverberating dhols, their myriad colours and instant smiles are any photographer’s dream come true!